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Wishing all our clients a wonderful festive season

Christmas is almost upon us – with this in mind, I have been asked on several occasions in the past couple of weeks, how I feel the market will perform at the beginning of 2023.  This is very difficult to predict, as it will hinge on the mortgage rate which is NOW beginning to fall favourably and we are informed this should level at around 3.5% next year which will impact the market in a positive light.  We are being invited out to several valuations and I genuinely believe the market will gain strength as we progress through January – March.  We are all aware house prices will fall in 2023, by how much will depend on the buyers and surveyors, should the surveyors start to down value this will of course have an impact.  The industry media are sending mixed messages, about the falling house prices however, it is all relative if you are buying an onward purchase.  Looking at how house prices rose at an astounding rate post Covid, I believe the housing market will ascertain a sensible level, we will certainly not see a ‘crash.’ as in 2007.
If you are seeking to move in 2023 please do give us a call, we offer a wealth of knowledge and a forward thinking approach to get you moving in 2023! 

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